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Did You Know Why Batteries are Arranged in Opposite Directions?

When we were kids we used to arrange batteries in the opposite direction without knowing the reason why? Then the circuit used to run current and our device used to start working. But why do batteries go in the opposite direction? Let’s find out.

Batteries are like the underrated gems who run the world. Wherever the eyes fall, there must be something or the other which is running on batteries. We don’t know much about batteries and tend to stay unbothered with this fact.

Before jumping on to the question Why do batteries go in opposite ways, one side + and one side -? It is important to know some basic points about batteries. Thus, the following article formulates the main concept of batteries, their functioning, and their uses.


What are Batteries?

Batteries change chemical energy into electrical energy by bringing some chemicals in contact with each other in a specific pattern.

Electrons are small parts of an atom. These move from one chemical to another in an optimum condition. This movement by the electrons produces a current which can be used in various ways.


What happens in a battery is desired chemicals are put into an optimum relationship and a wall blocks them. The electrons get to flow only when the two sides are connected by a wire or any other conductor.

There is a long menu if we talk about the types of batteries. The most common one for the general people is the single-use alkaline batteries.

Laptops, computers, cellular phones, and NASA spacecraft use rechargeable nickel-cadmium or nickel-hybrid batteries. Engineers on the other hand consider batteries to be a place to store chemical energy.


The overall functioning of batteries

Batteries consist of three parts namely Cathode (positive part +), Anode (negative part -), and the Electrolyte.

The chemical reaction in the battery causes an increase in the number of electrons at the anode. This results in an electrical disbalance between the cathode and the anode. This disbalance compels the electrons to rearrange themselves.

To achieve this, the electrons repel each other and search for a place with fewer electrons. In a battery, these electrons are left with the only option of moving towards the cathode.

When several batteries are to be arranged together there are two types of arrangements that can take place. The batteries are arranged in series and parallel.

The ideal setting is in the form of a series that doubles both the voltage and the Amp-hour. The other arrangement is parallel which is not good for devices that require higher voltage content.


Why do AA and AAA batteries go in opposite directions, one side + positive and another side – negative?

When too many batteries are placed together, the positive and negative terminals are connected. This is what makes the circuit complete and allows the current to flow.

Considering this, arranging the batteries in an alternative pattern I.e. the battery with (+) positive terminal facing up, just adjacent to the battery with (-) negative terminal is necessary.

If the arrangement is made such that the like terminals are all facing the same direction then we would have to include a wire between positive and negative terminals.

Based on the product or device, the arrangement of batteries changes. Sometimes it is kept next to one another and sometimes in a row.

In the flashlights, the batteries are arranged in a row. The two opposite terminals are held close together so that the current can flow smoothly.

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Concluding Note

Any mechanical product requires a lot of detailed consideration during manufacturing. The main motto of the manufacturers is to make the product cost-efficient without compromising the quality.

And as the batteries function in opposite directions, Thus the manufacturers design their products to arrange the batteries in opposite directions else they would require the batteries to be connected using an extra wire in their device which would lead to an increase in their manufacturing cost.

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