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How To Dispose Of Batteries?

How to dispose of batteries?

The world around works on batteries. Wherever you go, there will always be some devices around you, which must be running on a battery. Thus it becomes essential to know how to dispose of these batteries.

Unplanned disposal, due to lack of information may lead to harmful and hazardous consequences. Before this, there is some basic information which should be known by you.

The method of disposal of single-use batteries is different from the rechargeable ones. The irresponsible disposal of these batteries is also illegal in some countries.

The easiest way to dispose of batteries and electronics/electrical equipment is to return them to any store that sells them.

Disposal of single-use batteries

Some of the most common household batteries are single-use batteries of any capacity.

Single-use batteries come in a range of sizes, including AA, AAA, 9V, D-cell, and others, and can be found throughout the house.

These are the batteries found in television remote controls, flashlights, children’s toys, and other small electronic devices.

This category includes batteries that are not rechargeable.

  • Can single-use batteries be thrown into the trash?

Yes. Single-use batteries are currently modified to be made with non-hazardous metals. These are qualified by the federal government. It can be disposed of in its original state in all the countries and states except California.

Before 1996, batteries were composed of mercury which is considered to be a very harmful waste. The only exception here is the battery found in the watches. It should be disposed of like rechargeable batteries.

  • Can single-use batteries be recycled?

Yes, these types of batteries can be recycled. But mostly, you need to pay a certain amount to recycle a battery.

  • How to recycle single-use batteries?

  • Call your local solid waste district to find out if your community has a collection program or upcoming event.

  • Search the area for recycling centers that accept single-use batteries.

  • Find a mail-in recycling program that accepts batteries. Most of these programs will sell you a container to store used batteries that can be mailed when filled. Battery Solutions and Call2Recycle both offer options for recycling alkaline batteries in the mail.

Note: You can try to avoid single-use batteries and instead go for rechargeable batteries. This might be a bit helpful in reducing the extra fuss of the disposal of batteries.

Dispose of Rechargeable Batteries

These batteries are very commonly seen in households. You’ll find them in cellphones, digital cameras, power tools, laptops, and other more powerful electronics in your home.

There are several kinds of rechargeable batteries :

  1. Nickel metal hydride and nickel-cadmium batteries are found in electronics such as cordless power tools, digital cameras, two-way radios, and cordless phones.

  2. Lithium-ion batteries are found in most portable devices such as cellphones and laptops.

  3. Small sealed lead acid batteries are less common in homes and are found in emergency devices, emergency exit signs, security systems, mobility scooters, and other special-use items.

  • Can rechargeable batteries be thrown into the trash?

No, rechargeable batteries should never be disposed of in the dustbin or dumpsters. This act is considered illegal in several countries. This is because the disposal of rechargeable batteries is extremely hazardous for the environment.

  • Can rechargeable batteries be recycled?

Yes, rechargeable batteries can be recycled. Moreover, it is suggested that these batteries should be recycled. Also, this whole process doesn’t cost a lot.

Why recycle batteries?

In some batteries, some metals are present which causes severe harm to the environment. Metals like Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury is very toxic metals. If not recycled, these metals might cause landfills. It becomes really important to keep a check on how the metals should be stopped from leaking out of landfills and polluting the drinking water.

Most batteries can be recycled, which means potentially valuable materials, particularly metals Recycling batteries minimizes the need to mine virgin resources.” can be reclaimed.

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Final Word

In a nutshell, there are various ways in which different types of batteries can be disposed of. On the existential and natural basis, Recycling batteries minimizes the need to mine virgin resources.

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