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The Truth About AA Vs AAA Battery In 3 Minutes

The importance of batteries is no longer hidden from anybody. Take it from your car to start the telecommunication world. All around the batteries engulf the world. So it becomes really important to get accustomed to the terms like AA batteries, AAA batteries, Alkaline batteries, Lithium batteries, and many more.

Before coming to the points of differences between AA and AAA batteries, it is important to understand what AA and AAA batteries are.

All these questions and the related queries will be resolved at the end of this article. To grasp the most, don’t skip any part of it.

Also, this article will leave you with the suggestion of some best AA and AAA batteries for your essential use. So let’s dive in with this informative article.

What are AA batteries?

The AA battery or double-A battery is a cylindrical single-cell dry battery that is of standard size. It is named a UM-3 by JIS of Japan. Previously it was known as D14 (standard cell) or HP7 (for zinc chloride ‘high power version).

AA batteries are commonly used in portable electrical devices. It comprises a single electrochemical cell. It can be a primary battery, which is disposable, or a rechargeable battery.

The AA battery size is standardized by American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These batteries are so popular in flashlights that it is called ‘penlight batteries’.

What are AAA batteries?

The AAA battery or the Triple-A battery is a single-cell dry battery. Low-drain electronic devices consume one or more AAA batteries.

These batteries are used in small electronic devices such as digital cameras, music players, and TV remotes. AA batteries have almost triple the capacity of AAA batteries.

As of 2007, AAA batteries accounted for 24% of alkaline primary battery sales in the United States. In Japan as of 2011, 28% of alkaline primary batteries sold were AAA. In Switzerland as of 2008, AAA batteries totaled 30% of primary battery sales and 32% of secondary battery (rechargeable) sales.

The basic difference between AA and AAA batteries: AA Vs AAA Battery

The names AA and AAA don’t stand for anything. It is given just to maintain the difference based on size, composition, usage, etc. Moving towards the voltage of these batteries, both carry the same amount of voltage.

The usage of these two batteries varies a lot but there is no hard and fast rule for when to choose which one. If a device consumes low power then AAA batteries should be used.

Next up follows the basic differences between AA and AAA batteries. Here are some precise points of distinction among the two types of batteries.

AA batteries are bigger as compared to AAA batteries. The smallest battery is in the shape of a pin.

AA batteries are composed of a greater amount of chemical mixture as compared to AAA batteries.

A larger amount of charge is carried by AA batteries as compared to AAA batteries.

AA batteries are used in high power devices whereas AAA batteries are used in small and low power devices.

These were some of the points to distinguish between AA and AAA batteries. At this point, you are well aware of the differences between them.

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AA and AAA batteries: Which one to use where?

There is a wide difference between the use of the two types of batteries. But there is no specific rule for when to use which type of battery. The first thing to be determined is the capacity of power usage by a device. If the device uses high power then an AA battery is preferred or else you can go for AAA type.

Talking about the carriage of voltage by the two types, then both carry the same amount of voltage.

Concluding Note

At this point, you are well aware of the various differences between the AA and AAA batteries. This article also briefly explains the basic idea about What are AA batteries and What are AAA batteries.

Also, it is mentioned about when and where to use AA and AAA batteries. This article clears all the queries about the dissimilarity between AA and AAA batteries.

These two terms: AA and AAA are heard on a regular basis. It is very crucial to know about them and their differences Hence, basic knowledge should be acquired to know the basic functioning of the devices around you. This makes you a well-informed individual.

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