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Why Are Alkaline Batteries Better Than Other Types?

In this article, we are going to tell you why alkaline batteries are better than other types.

Let’s start by understanding the difference between alkaline and non-alkaline batteries. We will also look at the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing alkaline cells. Finally, I’ll explain why the VictorPro batteries are better than any other option you should choose.

By knowing about the different types of batteries, You can choose the best cells available, If you own electronic devices and battery-operated tools, it is vital for you to know what type of battery is best suited for your device and to avoid any situation in which you are out of power in your devices. When your batteries die, and you don’t have any more on hand, you`re caught doing without that essential item you desired to use. It’s very disappointing whilst that occurs and something this is absolutely avoidable with VictorPro Intense alkaline batteries.

What Are the Differences Between Alkaline and Non-Alkaline Batteries?

If you don’t know much about alkaline and non-alkaline batteries, you probably don’t know how they differ from each other. You may have told yourself that there wasn’t much of a difference. This is not true. There are many differences between the two, and knowing this can save you time and energy during a power outage.

You might think alkaline and non-alkaline batteries are the same because they look similar but that’s not true, there is a difference in the appearance of alkaline and non-alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries are heavier than other types of batteries and non-alkaline batteries are slimmer than alkaline batteries due to their lower running time capacity. Both alkaline and non-alkaline batteries work in devices but differ in running time and energy output as long as you have the correct battery type choosing an alkaline battery is a good option, Battery type: AA, AAA, C, D, 9-volt batteries, etc.

Alkaline and non-alkaline batteries differ in electrolytes present in them as well. Alkaline batteries contain potassium hydroxide as an electrolyte. A non-alkaline battery such as a zinc-carbon battery may contain ammonium chloride. Both electrolytes are different and thus react and perform differently in the device they power. Alkaline batteries last longer due to their chemical composition and materials used.

The biggest difference between alkaline and non-alkaline batteries is how much power they are able to provide to the devices. Zinc carbon batteries do not last as long as alkaline batteries such as VictorPro Intense AA / AAA battery which last up to 20 times longer than regular carbon cells and also VictorPro Intense AA/ AAA batteries are environmentally friendly as they do not contain any mercury or cadmium or other hazardous substances such as lead which make them a much better choice than other ordinary carbon cells.

VictorPro Intense AA / AAA batteries can be stored for 10 years and thus it’s a good option to buy in bulk to save money as they can be used for a really long time, VictorPro leads in value and customer satisfaction.

‍Alkaline Battery Advantages & Disadvantages

We are pretty sure by now you are convinced as to why alkaline batteries are a good choice compared to other types of batteries but we would like to further tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of an alkaline battery.

Advantages of Alkaline Batteries

The advantage of choosing alkaline batteries over other types of batteries is their cost. VictorPro Intense alkaline batteries cost less than other ‘Heavy Duty’, Rechargeable, and Zinc carbon batteries due to their ability to supply power to your devices for a very long time and can be stored for years safely.

Alkaline batteries work in extreme heat and cold temperatures in which other types of batteries do not work and lose their efficiency and thus alkaline batteries are a better option and who does not hate finding out that their favorite device is not working properly due to the heat or cold.

Alkaline batteries are also environmentally friendly, They do not contain hazardous chemicals such as mercury, cadmium, lead which are very bad for health and the environment and thus are a very big advantage of alkaline batteries. Non-alkaline batteries require special disposal methods which are often not followed and lead to the spreading of toxic chemicals in the environment.


Disadvantages of Alkaline Batteries

While there are several advantages of alkaline batteries, There are certain disadvantages of alkaline batteries as well such as their weight, Alkaline batteries are heavier than other types of batteries which might make your devices feel slightly bulkier.

Alkaline batteries also might leak if not manufactured correctly or poor quality batteries are used which might also destroy and spoil the devices they are present in thus it is always recommended to buy batteries from a good manufacturer of batteries such as VictorPro Intense batteries that come with dual anti-leak technology that prevent any leaks.

About Us: VictorPro

“We value quality and power”. VictorPro is the manufacturer of the leading dry cell batteries Alkaline and Zinc Chloride in India and a wide area around the globe. Some products like the VictorPro Intense Alkaline AAA battery, VictorPro Intense Alkaline AA battery, VictorPro Ultra Gold AAA battery, and VictorPro Ultra Gold AA battery have received extremely satisfying responses from the customers.

This in and around sums up the overall definition and functioning of a battery. It is something which is a very essential element and is a crucial part of our day-to-day life. Hence, basic knowledge should be acquired to know the basic functioning of the devices around you. This makes you a well-informed individual.

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